objectof Framework

objectof is package of generic frameworks that is able to glue services and code together to help build and enhance software. Its primary design goals are to provide simple, consumable interfaces to integrate, generate, and execute code in a generic fashion from high-level models.

The two most prominent frameworks are Corc and Repo.

Corc (Chain Of Responsibility Components) is designed as an easy way for an Application Architect to compose the architectural building blocks used in the construction of a back end application. It is a very light message broker type framework that is developed in Java. Just like a message broker, corc can be used for coordinating and composing the integration of multiple external systems.

It uses a variation of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) pattern as developed in the Gang of Four book of Design Patterns. The CoR pattern decouples the sender of a request from the receiver of the request. The request is passed on from processing node to processing node, with each node responsible for a limited and directed piece of the message flow's functionality. The advantage of this decoupling is that chains can be configured separately from runtime.

Corc can be extended to provide additional framework functionality as needed, for example, additional interfaces for metrics for instrumentation.